I’m a freelance writer (mostly about food and agriculture), oral historian, multi-media storyteller, cook, and avid food grower. Over the past several years, I’ve worked as a full time farmer, restaurant reviewer, anti-poverty sustainable agriculture advocate, urban agriculture instructor, researcher on food and ag. at the American Museum of Natural History, and professional pie baker. I’m now working on my first cookbook, an exploration of the foundations of Brazilian cuisine with Rio de Janeiro-based Teresa Corção. And (right, that small thing), I’ve started working towards a PhD in Food Studies at NYU. I’ve developed quite a rich life here in Brooklyn, but my heart lies in the country. In all honesty, prefer to be in bed by 10 and get up with the sun than wild nightlife. I like to be barefoot, dry my laundry in the sun, have a garden in the ground instead of in boxes on my roof, and hike in the woods as opposed to traversing the Brooklyn Bridge. These days, it’s city by trade, and the country by love.

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